Grade 6

Students work on changing different variables as they learn how to do controlled experiments. Students also learn about simple machines as well as environmental science.

Curriculum Highlights

Variables Unit with a mini Science Fair project
Simple Machines Unit with a project using simple machines
Camp Foley–a one-week, away from school experience focusing on science and science experiments

Grade 7

Students in 7th grade will spend the year learning Biology. They will be learning about the structure and function of cells, bacteria and viruses, plants, animals, and human body systems.

Curriculum Highlights

Science Fair
Frog Dissection
Variety of labs
Bacteria and Virus Project

Grade 8

In the eighth grade students focus on Chemistry. This includes:

Classifying Matter
Physical and Chemical Changes
Changes in State of Matter
Atomic Structure
The Periodic Table
Chemical reactions
Waves and Sound
Weather and the Atmosphere

Curriculum Highlights

Chemistry experiments and demonstrations
Science Fair
Adopt an Element Project
Several STEM projects