Sister School - Haiti

Sister School in Haiti

Annunciation Church supports the efforts of Mission Haiti Inc. to provide education, elder care, and sustainable farming in Leogane, Haiti. Annunciation’s sister school, Annunciation Leogane, opened in 1998 and is managed by Mission Haiti Inc.’s partners, the Haitian Sisters of the Companions of Jesus.

Since that time, Mission Haiti Inc. has grown considerably and is fortunate to be able to support more projects managed by the Haitian sisters in Leogane:

  • The Village of Jesus is a home for elderly, ill, or abandoned women, located on the same property as Annunciation Leogane.
  • Bethleem Farm was launched in 2009 and now supplements food for the school and the women. It also provides jobs and food for the community.
  • College Couer de Marie began as a temporary school in 2010 and is now in a permanent two-story secondary school.

Mission Haiti Inc. Pancake Breakfast and Craft Sale

Each fall, Annunciation Church sponsors a pancake breakfast and a Haiti Arts and Crafts Sale to help raise funds for Mission Haiti Inc. Watch for notices to find out when.

Immersion Trips to Haiti

Each year, Mission Haiti Inc. sponsors trips to Haiti for Annunciation parishioners, as well as friends and supporters of the organization. The purpose is two-fold: 1) to introduce our supporters to our projects in Haiti, and 2) to provide an opportunity to experience the culture and people of Haiti.

As one of our travelers said:

“One can read a lot of reports about the good works of a lot of people there [in Haiti] but nothing substitutes for walking the streets, being with the children, ministering to the elderly women, experiencing the great beauty, as well as the dire poverty. The people of Haiti live the reality of all of this with such hope. Mission Haiti makes it possible for this experience with such care and support.”

If you are interested in learning more about Mission Haiti Inc. immersion trips, email us: