Middle School Religion

Grade 6 - Students will grow in knowledge of their faith and in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Students will:

  • Understand how the Church worships through study of and participation in liturgy and the sacraments.
  • Understand the “Great Commandment” of Jesus and its relationship to free will.
  • Understand the relationship of prayer to scripture and community.
  • Cultivate human and Christian values fostering positive interpersonal relationships.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Exploring the Bible
  • The Story of Israel
  • Friendship
  • Family Life

Grade 7 - students will be exploring issues in Catholic Social Teaching.

In addition, students will study the New Testament of the Bible and Catholic family life.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Catholic Social Justice Teachings
  • The New Testament
  • Family Life

Grade 8 - Students will explore forming a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

  • The various major world religions.
  • Discover the key elements of Catholicism.
  • The Christian Gospel lived out through missionary work around the world.

Curriculum Highlights

  • What is Religion?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • What is Catholicism?
  • What is the Mass?
  • Moral Formation