Church Office Phone:

School Main Phone:


First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Vincent Audette Extended Day 612-824-9993x212
Veronica Audette Extended Day 612-824-9993x210
Libby Bjerke 5th Grade Teacher 612-824-9993×238
Nick Chalmers Director of Music & Liturgy 612-824-9993x261
Kevin Conneely Deacon 612-824-9993x241
Corey Copps Facilities Manager 612-824-9993x209
Helen Corkran Director of Pastoral Care 612-824-9993 x252
Danielle Crowley 3rd Grade Teacher 612-824-9993x229
Fr. Bill Deziel Pastor 612-824-9993x228
Tara Dietenberger Accounting and HR Specialist 612-824-9993 x264
Jimmy Dunn Director of Outreach & Community Life 612-824-9993x259
Chrissy Fritzen Administrative Assistant-School Front Desk 612-824-9993x200
Emily Gulliatt Middle School Language Arts Teacher 612-824-9993x234
Terry Heer Kindergarten Teacher 612-824-9993x217
Becca Heer 4th Grade Teacher 612-824-9993x226
Dominique Junes Middle School Math Teacher 612-824-9993x235
Harry Kaiser Physical Education Teacher 612-824-9993x206
Courtney Klosner Director of Communications and Parish Events 612-824-9993 x242
Emily Koenig Faith Formation 612-824-9993x251
Ashley Komarec 2nd Grade Teacher 612-824-9993x227
Sarah Kuykendall 2nd Grade Teacher 612-824-9993x237
Peter Lagerneier Kinderstart Preschool Teacher & Site Director 612-824-9993x316
Andrew LeTellier 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher 612 824-9993×222
Julie Loney IT Coordinator 612-824-9993x233
Sheila Loschy IB Coordinator 612-824-9993x283
Serena Lovera Spanish Teacher Gr K-3 612-824-9993x215
Lisa Luthi Creative Arts Teacher 612-824-9993×232
Christy McFadden Enrollment Coordinator & School Nurse 612-824-9993x265
Mary Kate Miley Kindergarten Teacher 612-8249993x219
Darcie Mullinax 3rd Grade Teacher 612-824-9993x230
Jeremie Nichols Middle School Science Teacher & Athletic Director 612-824-9993x220
Annunciation Nurse's Office School Nurse & Attendance 612-823-4394
Mikayla Pellegrene 5th Grade Teacher 612-824-9993x238
Teresa Rademacher Middle School Religion Teacher 612-824-9993x221
Jennifer Renstrom School Office Manager 612-824-9993x204
Beth Sable 1st Grade Teacher 612-824-9993x214
Carter Saluri Spanish Teacher Gr 4-8 612-824-9993x253
Rick Schild Middle School Social Studies Teacher 612-824-9993x236
Alex Schindler Associate Director of Music 612-824-9993
Jen Shea Business Office Administrative Assistant 612-824-9993x208
Sara Slack 1st Grade Teacher 612-824-9993x213
Ellison Smith Learning Specialist 612-824-9993x231
Christine Spevacek Assistant Principal 612-823-4394 x202
Megan Stebbins Library/Media Specialist 612-824-9993x233
Julie Steege Middle School Math Teacher 612-824-9993x240
Anne Stickney Lunch Program Director/1st Grade Aide 612-824-9993x292
Teresa Thein Business Administrator 612-824-9993x255
Peggy Van Wyk School Counselor 612-824-9993x295
Mary Vollmer (formerly Eilen) Lead Discovery Preschool Teacher 612-824-9993x207
Jeff Wisdom Extended Day Director 612-824-9993x212
Kari Zobel Principal 612 824-9993×201
Kelsey Zogby 4th Grade Teacher 612 824-9993×224