Peace & Justice

Peace and Justice

Join us in bringing the Gospel message of peace and justice to the parish, local, and global community. We work on issues that build the common good, with opportunities for all parishioners. The committee addresses education, awareness, and action of the ten principles of Catholic social teaching:

  • Life and Dignity of the Human Person
  • Community and the Common Good
  • Rights and Responsibilities of the Human Person
  • Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
  • Participation of All People
  • The Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers
  • Stewardship of Creation
  • Solidarity
  • Role of Government
  • Promotion of Peace

This is your chance to work with people of a similar passion on issues that tug at your heart. We come together to create awareness of social justice concerns and take action on issues in our local and wider community. We recognize the complexity of the call to compassion in our world and respond with prayer, education, advocacy, and action. We go forth from liturgy to offer our time and God-given gifts in repairing the world.

The Peace and Justice Committee works to identify and promote awareness of issues that build the common good in accordance with the principles of Catholic social teaching. Primary to our work is the principle that all life is sacred. We work to advocate public policies that support life at all stages. Anyone interested in working for the common good and encouraging informed participation in the political process is invited to join us.

Catholic Social Teaching

Learn why Catholic Social Teaching is a central and essential element of our faith. It is based on and inseparable from our understanding of human life and human dignity. Catholic Social Teaching is built on a commitment to the poor and vulnerable. It calls us all to reach out and build relationships of compassion and justice. It calls us all to defend the dignity of life and build the common good.

Green Team

Annunciation celebrates the unique beauty of God’s creation and realizes that caring for all of God’s creation is part of our faith. This compels us to be stewards of the earth and to reduce our environmental impact. The Annunciation Environment Committee (Green Team) pledges to educate our community to walk reverently and respectfully on the earth by reducing waste, saving energy, and recycling as much as possible. Leading by example in this area, we will encourage many parishioners, students, parents, and neighbors to develop an environmental conscience and live their lives in the care for God’s creation.

Respect Life Committee /Community Caring for Life

This ministry reflects the commitment that human life is sacred at all stages. The committee coordinates the Christmas Boutique and Bake Sale, Mother’s Day Flower Sale, and Spring Plant Sale to provide support for outreach and education on the dignity of human life in all stages and places. We help support two centers for mothers and children.