Support Services

We seek to provide a system to assist students with mild to moderate special needs or disabilities.

We are a private, self-funded institution that does not have the resources of a large city-wide school system.  Nevertheless, we welcome students with mild to moderate special needs or disabilities and seek to provide a system that will assist them in being successful in our school.  The additional supports that students need may be provided by classroom teachers, support staff, public school district services, family-provided private services or a combination of each. The supports are determined individually based on assessments to identify the disabilities and needs when these needs interfere with learning in the classroom. 

We will work collaboratively with the student, the family and the care providers to review possible accommodations and strategies designed to offer the student the greatest chances of successful participation in our educational programs.  Where more accommodation is needed than what Annunciation can provide, we will assist the family in deciding on the best possible alternative.

In most cases, we will be able to work successfully with students with mild to moderate disabilities through a close partnership between the school and the family.  However, if Annunciation School is unable to effectively assist a student because greater needs are presented, we will work with the student and family to access special education services administered through the Minneapolis Public School District (See Special Education Statement below).

For additional information, please contact our Learning Specialist, Ellison Smith, 612-824-9993 x 231.

Special Education

These services include academic, psychological, physical, and speech therapy. If you feel your child has a difficulty which interferes with his education, you have the right to these services if your child qualifies for special education.

Any child who qualifies has the right to individualized special education services. The state and federal programs for Annunciation students are administered through the Minneapolis Public School District.  Please contact our learning specialist, Ellison Smith, with any questions. 

School Counselors

Annunciation contracts with Dr. Jules Nolan and Phoenix School Counseling to provide our counseling services. Phoenix School Counseling is a private practice that employs Licensed School Counselors, School Psychologists, Mental Health Practitioners, Licensed Social Workers and other school-based professionals. We serve more than 50 Catholic Schools throughout Minnesota. 

Parents can contact our school counselor, Peggy Van Wyk   or Dr. Jules Nolan  at any time to request support. 


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  • Special Education
  • Licensed School Counselor