Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition & Financial Aid

When you consider what is included in your tuition at Annunciation, you can see that you’re making a great investment in your child's future. Consider the following:

  • Our kindergarten through third grade classrooms include a teacher and classroom aide; that’s typically a 10-1 student to teacher ratio.
  • Learning Spanish as a second language is included in your tuition. Not an add-on or after school activity like other schools.
  • We offer two recesses per day to enhance the learning process.
  • Children participate in annual service projects to give back to our community.
  • Our Artist-in-Residence program introduces your child to the fine arts.
  • Our highly acclaimed creative arts program builds confidence and leadership skills.
  • As an IB school, your child will learn how to learn vs. memorizing content for a test.

Listed below are our 2020-2021 tuition and financial aid options.

TUITION 2020-2021 Grade K-8:



  Parish Investment Rate  

Standard Rate 


1st child




2nd child




3rd child




A Parishioner Investment Rate is available to full time Annunciation parishioners who have been formally registered in the parish and meet the following criteria:

  1. Time:  Attends Sunday Mass at Annunciation Catholic Church on a routine, regular and on-going basis.
  2. Treasure:  Recognizes the financial obligation and responsibility to the parish by participating in the Stewardship Program (envelopes or EFT options available.)  We are a tithing parish. Based on the Word of God, we invite all of our parishioners to give back 10% of their income to God. 5% of one’s income is given to God through the parish church. The other 5% can be used for Catholic school tuition, special diocesan collections, supporting missionary work, parish capital projects, private Christian charities you wish to support, etc.
  3. Talent:  Actively participates in Annunciation Parish and School activities and ministries.


Can you afford this? Yes, you can! We will commit to any family that is willing to commit to us.

We want to help your child reach their Potentiality. Tuition should never be a barrier. And we will work with you to help your family so that you can give your child the best education possible at Annunciation.

Annunciation recognizes that the cost of Catholic education continues to grow and can be, for some, a source of great concern. Some families are torn between their desire to offer their children a Catholic education and the potential strain it may place on their household income. Annunciation recognizes those concerns and, as a result, offers a variety of ways to assist with the financial obligations.

Help-A-Student Fund

Annunciation is very pleased to assist you in providing a Catholic education for your children in grades K-8 by means of need-based tuition grants through Annunciation’s Help-a-Student Fund.  Applicants apply on line at For questions, please contact Jennifer Cassidy, School Principal at 612-824-9993 ext. 201.

In the event a student is admitted to or withdraws from Annunciation School after the school year begins, tuition for the entire trimester in which the student is admitted or withdrawn will be assessed.