The Annunciation School Council (ASC) works in close consultation with the Pastor and Principal to ensure the viability of the school through its work in advancement, marketing, enrollment management, budget, policy, and facilities.

The ASC also fosters the intellectual and spiritual development of our students. We help students become mature, Christian members of our parish family, and we work together to encourage our students’ intellectual growth.


Please email with any questions or concerns.  Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm.  There is time set aside for open forum at each meeting but prior notification must be made 24 hours in advance to present per the council bylaws. 

  • Ronna Baca Chair
  • Matt Meyer, Vice Chair
  • Kendric Olson,  Secretary
  • Dan Brady, Council Member
  • Kay Cameron, Council Member
  • Karne Newburn, Council Member
  • Katie Rye, Council Member
  • Megan Scherf, Council Member
  • Kristin CarlsonCouncil Member
  • Kris Kelly Council Member
  • Meggie Meyer,  Council Member
  • Molly Stommes,  Council Member
  • Kari Zobel, Principal
  • Fr. Bill Deziel, Pastor