The APO is parents and guardians working in partnership with teachers, administration and the School Advisory Council to help provide the best environment for our children to develop academically, spiritually and socially.

The Organization achieves our mission by:

  • Recruiting and organizing parent volunteers
  • Welcoming and encouraging new family and current family participation
  • Fostering a sense of school support, pride and enthusiasm
  • Serving as a resource for communication among parents, teachers, administration and the school advisory council
  • Recognizing the contributions of the staff
  • Raising funds to support school initiatives
  • Helping build a sense of community within our school, parish and neighborhood.

2022-2023 OFFICERS


Annunciation Volunteer

and Involvement Initiative

Volunteering is a huge part of the Annunciation community. Because of our wonderful volunteers, we can hold a variety of programs and events -  from large community parties to classroom holiday celebrations to special reading guests. There are so many ways to pitch in and do our part to keep our community strong!

We are asking each family to volunteer 5 total hours of their time for each school year. 

Many of the wonderful events we enjoy every year cannot happen without the assistance of volunteers. When you volunteer, you help to support the events and connect with other members of our community. There are MANY different ways to get involved (see some examples below) and we hope families feel excited to help out whenever they can.

We ask that each family let us know  the hours they have spent volunteering on our new online reporting form that can be found in the Weekender. APO will use the information as a guide for future years to know how many volunteer hours our school needs to run smoothly, and to get a better understanding of where our biggest volunteer needs lie. 

Q & A on the Initiative:

Q. How many hours do we need to volunteer?

A. 5 hours of volunteering per family is the goal.

Q. Can any member of the family complete the hours?

A. Yes, any member of the family can volunteer. The 5-hour goal is for the whole family combined.

Q. Do only volunteer hours at the school count?

A. School AND church volunteer hours can be counted.

Q. How do I report my hours?

A. Check out the volunteer section of the Weekender and follow the link to the “Volunteer Hour Reporting Form.” Click and fill out the form - it only takes 2 minutes! Please complete the form as soon as possible after you volunteer - you can submit as many forms as needed throughout the year! 

Q. Are there any requirements before I can volunteer? 

A: Yes, all volunteers must complete a 65-minute VIRTUS training. Refer to additional details here

Q. What can I volunteer for?

A:   All upcoming volunteer opportunities will be posted weekly in the school’s Weekender.