Under the Cross

Under the Cross

The first Sunday of the month before Mass a speaker will share the organizations mission, goals and programs, they will also be available after Mass in the Community Room during Coffee and Donuts to answer any questions.

A service project for the Under the Cross partner will be offered each month during Mystery Monday (4thSunday of the Month). Our goal is to learn about the good work happening around us, offer our time and talent in a service project at Annunciation or at the highlighted organization. Each month we will also offer a donation to the Under the Cross partner to support their work at building the Kingdom here on Earth.

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This Month's Under the Cross Partners:


PeaceCYCLE is a start-up small business which aims to educate and employ persons in Haiti, promoting eco-friendly practices, and empowering individuals and families to be self-sufficient.

We desire to be the human side of “upcycling” (a term referring to the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality and to create a better environment). The “upcycle” term was initially coined by Riner Pilz in reference to a demolition recycling directive. “Recycling? I call it downcycling. They smash bricks, they smash everything. What we need is upcycling- where old products are given more value, not less.”

This is exactly the goal of PeaceCYCLE on a human level… to give MORE value to persons, not less. Due to lack of employment opportunities, many people are forced into scenarios in which they are belittled, mistreated, abused, and demoralized in an effort to support their family. We have a passion here at PeaceCYCLE to change that, our focus is not on the bottom line; rather, we desire to empower and educate the unemployed and help them rise to new standards of living, and achieve a new peace in their own self-reliance.

PeaceCYCLE aims to create dignified employment for persons who might otherwise not have the opportunity for such. Through the upcycling of old, discarded material resources within the culture, PeaceCYCLE creatively empowers locals to be inspired that beautiful things can be created out of what was once seen with little value. We hope to instill in each employee that same understanding within themselves … who once saw their own life as one with little value, we hope to create pride and confidence, while restoring dignity as a child of God who can stand proudly to support their own family.

Our desire at PeaceCYCLE is also to increase awareness in developed nations, one person at a time, of the plight of their brothers and sisters around the world. We aspire to reach individuals through personal conversation that is initiated by viewing our creative and unique products.

Tree Trust was created in 1976 to address two problems in our communities: the devastation of the urban tree canopy due to Dutch elm disease and the high unemployment and poverty rates for youth and adults at the time. We began combating these issues by hiring unemployed individuals and training them to plant trees and reforest the Twin Cities. Since then, we have expanded to offer integrated JobPrep programs, community forestry and environmental education programs. Today, our mission is to improve the community environment by investing in people.

Tree Trust Website