Carnaval 2020

Tuesday, February 25, 10:30am - 2pm

Carnaval 2020

Tuesday, February 25, 10:30am - 2pm
This year Annunciation School will celebrate our 28th Carnaval.  In 1992, Annunciation had a new principal who rallied the teachers and parents together to create this community event.  He spent several years in Brazil and had participated in the Brazilian Carnaval (hence the Portuguese spelling).  Over the years, Carnaval has grown into one of our favorite Annunciation traditions.
Early on, the Christmas Program script and song choices reflected the countries of that year.  Each grade level dressed in costume to represent their country during the Christmas program. Students wear their costumes during Carnaval as well.
Each grade level learns about their country and its people, geography, culture, and interesting and fun facts.  Each grade level decorates their hallway to present their county in a visual way.  Teachers and students come up with a food, craft, and game to represent their country’s culture and flavor.  Students are given a ‘passport’ which must be stamped by all grade level countries as they participate in the craft and game.  The auditorium becomes an international food court.  Music, food, and entertainment fill the air.
Carnaval begins with a parade through the school to the auditorium.  Each country’s flag is carried into the auditorium, while the national anthem of that country is played.  Students file in behind their flag.  When the opening ceremony is done, students leave to visit each country and do the activities, along with tasting all of the delicious food from around the world.
Carnaval is a powerful learning experience.  Children learn so much from this ‘out of the classroom experience’.    In addition to learning about many different countries, they learn to plan and work together, an important life skill to have.  
Carnaval is a total group effort.  It brings our community together to work, learn, and play.  It is a celebration we prize, one that our students and community will remember as part of their unique Annunciation experiences. 
Families and community members  - please join us for this beautiful tradition!  Reminder – Kindergarten and 1st grade students do need a parent/guardian to accompany them for the day.
There will be wonderful traditional meals and snacks from each country available for purchase.  Tickets are $.50/each and students can buy $10 of tickets in their classroom the morning of Carnaval.  Tickets will also be for sale at the school office from 10:30am-1:30pm.  No school lunch will be served on Carnaval day.

Parents – we need your help with this fun event!

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Please note: all volunteers must be Virtus certified. 

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