Annunciation Awakening Retreat

Awakening Retreat

Annunciation Church welcomes you to join us for our biannual retreat called “Annunciation Awakening Retreat” on March 13-15, 2020.  

At the retreat you will learn more about God the Father’s tremendous love for you and help you establish and deepen your personal relationship with Christ. Come away with us to be with Jesus and experience God’s abiding love for you.

Goals of the Retreat:

  • To help you to yield to the action of the Holy Spirit in your life so that you can begin to experience his presence and him working in you and through you
  • To help you become a part of a community with whom you can share your Christian life and from whom you can receive support in that life
  • To help you make use of effective means for ongoing growth in your relationship with Christ

Benefits of coming on the Retreat:

  • Renew, or deepen a relationship with Jesus
  • Fuller participation in Parish Life
  • Greater appreciation for the Eucharist and Reconciliation
  • Deeper prayer life
  • Greater love for Scripture
  • Grow in the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit

The Retreat will include:

  • Mass
  • Confessions opportunities
  • Eucharistic Adoration
  • Communal Prayer Times
  • Music
  • Talks & Testimonies
  • Small Groups/Fellowship
  • Time for silence & rest

Dates:  March 13-15, 2020

  • Depart Annunciation: 3:30 pm Friday
  • Return to Annunciation: 3:30 pm Sunday
  • Costs:  Free Will Donation. All accommodations, meals and Coach Bus transportation are included!
  • Where: Dunrovin Retreat Center, St. Croix, MN. For more information on Dunrovin, please visit their website:

The Annunciation Awakening Retreat is available for everyone 18 and older (you do not have to be Catholic or a parish member).


Please contact Ashleigh Varley at 612-824-9993 ext 256 email or Nicole Bettini at 612-824-9993 ext 251 email