Strive to Tithe

God gives us 100% and only asks for 10% in return. Fundamentally, tithing is not about the Church’s need for money – it is about our need to give back to God in thanksgiving for all He has done for us! 

3 Easy Ways to Give:

1. Online Donations
Simply click the link to setup a weekly or monthly donation using your credit card or a checking or savings account.
Church donations: ​
School donations:

2. Text2Tithe
Simply text the amount you'd like to give.
Church donations: TEXT 952-260-3473
School donations: TEXT 952-260-0187

3. Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
EFTs can be made by using a checking or savings account. 
Complete this form and return it to Tom Konz with a voided check or deposit slip. 
You can also put it in an envelope marked “TK” and drop it in the collection basket.

Questions about tithing? Contact Tom Konz at or 612-824-9993 x255


What is stewardship?