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From Bulletin, Sunday, October 22


“The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.” 

—G.K. Chesterton


In this Sunday’s Gospel, we continue to read from the section of Mark’s Gospel that reports Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem. Last Sunday we heard Jesus lament the particular challenges those with many possessions face in order to enter the Kingdom of God. Jesus then predicts his passion to the Twelve, who are amazed and afraid. In this part of Mark’s Gospel, Jesus’ words to his closest disciples seem to be intended to prepare them for the events that will occur in Jerusalem.

In today’s Gospel, James and John ask to be given seats of honor when Jesus enters into his glory. Once again, the disciples seem to be selective in what they hear Jesus say. They want to share Jesus’ glory, but do not appear to understand that his glory will be preceded by his suffering. Jesus notes their lack of understanding and predicts the suffering they will endure for the sake of the Gospel. Jesus says that the honor they seek is not his to give. When the other ten hear what James and John have asked, Mark reports that they are indignant. Jesus takes the opportunity to teach them.

Jesus explains the importance of service and sacrifice in the life of a disciple. In particular, he seems to be preparing the Twelve for their leadership roles in the emerging Christian community. Echoing the Gospel we heard several weeks ago (on the Twenty-fifthSunday in Ordinary Time, Mark 9:33-37), Jesus acknowledges that his teaching is countercultural. In today’s Gospel, Jesus contrasts the dynamics within the community of disciples with those shown by the rulers of the Gentiles.

Following Jesus’ example of sacrificial love continues to be countercultural in our day as well. We might take this opportunity to consider our models of authority and examine our own exercise of authority. On whose example do we model our leadership? 

Parish Council Needs You!

Parish Council is looking for new members. Please consider applying for this! It will connect you to the parish at a more personal level, and it will give you the opportunity to take time to pray for our parish.

Purpose of Parish Council: Members act as representatives of the Parish to the Pastor. Parish council members listen attentively to explain to other parishioners the State of the Parish. We serve as an advisory body for the Pastor providing feedback when needed and expressing concerns of parishioners. Vision/Goal of Parish Council is to intentionally welcome new parishioners. Parish Council meetings are focused on parish concerns/goals and not individual concerns/goals. Meetings are Christ-centered.

If you are interested in this awesome opportunity, please contact Luke Carlson at 651.707.6464 or

Our first meeting is Tuesday, October 30 at 6:30pm.


ALTAR SERVERS: We need more altar servers! Any of our youth, grades 5-12 are encouraged and welcomed to serve at Annunciation Masses. We will have two options for altar server training for current and new altar servers—Sunday, October 28 at 3:00pm or Tuesday, October 30 at 3:00pm (you only need to come to one of the trainings). We will meet in the Church for the training.