A LENTEN FAMILY: Prayer, Fasting & Alms Giving Opportunity

During Lent each year, we are invited to pray with our families and faith communities; fast in solidarity with those who hunger; learn more about our global community and the challenges of poverty overseas; and give sacrificial contributions to those in need.

A LENTEN FAMILY: Prayer, Fasting & Alms Giving Opportunity

On Ash Wednesday, February 26th, 2020, Annunciation parish and school will distribute Mission Haiti Piggy Banks to each family during Mass. Place the bank on your family dining room table so it can be a reminder for your family to pray for our Haitian brother and sisters in need. If your family does not have an Alms giving tradition established, then please consider filling the bank with money you have saved by fasting or giving things up for Lent.

On Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 bring the filled bank back to church at Evening daily Mass at 5:30PM or the school office. All money collected will be given to our Parish Mission school in Leogane, Haiti.

Family Meal Time Prayer
We lift our prayers to you, God of Love, on behalf of our Haitian brothers and sisters in need. We thank you for upholding them in their suffering. Give them continuing strength and comfort. Give us love and courage to stand with them and work with them as they struggle for justice and freedom. Amen.

Additional Piggy Banks are available in the school office or parish business office.

For more information about our parish mission, visit www.MissionHaitiinc.org

Call Jimmy Dunn 612-824-9993 ext 259

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