100 Days of Prayer

Starting on June 22nd 2022 we invite Parishioners to pray the Centennial prayer which will take us to our Centennial Anniversary of the 1st Mass at Annunciation whuch will be October 1st 2022.

100 Days of Prayer

Annunciation Centennial Prayer

Loving Father, we praise and thank you. For over a
century you have gathered our Annunciation parish to
celebrate Jesus’ presence in the Eucharist and to build
us into a community of faith and love.

As we celebrate 100 years, we thank you for your
countless blessings to us. We thank you for helping us
to realize the call to holiness and for giving us the
means of ever greater sanctity through the grace of the
Sacraments, Your Word, and Charity towards all.

We thank you for all who have been a part of our parish
family, for all who have faithfully prayed, joyfully
served, generously sacrificed, and magnified your
presence among us.

As we look to a new century, we humbly ask you to fill
us with every good gift needed to continue to spread
the Gospel of your Son as the generations before us
have done. May your Divine presence always be at the
heart of each of our families. Through our words and
actions, help us to instill strong faith in our children.
Help us to reach out to others that all may come to
know the love of your Son Jesus.


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