Grade 6

Students will:

grow in knowledge of their faith and in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
understand how the Church worships through study of and participation in liturgy and the sacraments.
understand the “Great Commandment” of Jesus and its relationship to free will.
understand the relationship of prayer to scripture and community.
cultivate human and Christian values fostering positive interpersonal relationships.

Curriculum Highlights

Exploring the Bible
The Story of Israel
Family Life

Grade 7

Throughout the year the students will be exploring issues in Catholic Social Teaching. In addition, students will study the New Testament of the Bible and Catholic family life.

Curriculum Highlights

Catholic Social Justice Teachings
The New Testament
Family Life

Grade 8

Students will explore:

The various major world religions
The and discover the key elements of Catholicism
Forming a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Students will also examine
The Christian Gospel lived out through missionary work around the world.

Curriculum Highlights

What is Religion?
Who is Jesus?
What is Catholicism?
What is the Mass?
Moral Formation