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Welcome! Learn why Annunciation School is a top choice for Catholic preK‐8 education in Minneapolis.

Perhaps the best advertising for our school comes from our very own students and families. We asked a wide variety of people from our diverse community to tell us what they value about Annunciation. Their enthusiasm is a testament to our great teachers and staff!

Current Students

“I always feel safe and happy. When I was new, I was never lonely. Everyone is kind and welcoming. I’m free to be me because we’re all like family.”

“Everybody is so kind. You never see bullying anywhere. But if there is, it can be resolved in the snap of your finger. That is why I love Annunciation School!”

“One of my favorites is the service work. It’s such a great thing we do at Annunciation. We go and help out other communities, and every grade goes to Feed My Starving Children.”

“I love how I know everyone well in my grade. I love that we pray for people every morning.”

“You feel that this school is your second home, and your classmates are your brothers and sisters.”

“Anyone can fit in no matter what they look like or how big or small they are.”

“… the friends, the helpful teachers, Improv, the connection between us and the school in Haiti.”

“…teaches you about who God is and helps you become a better Catholic.”


“Our family has a long tradition at Annunciation starting with my father. In the 1930’s and continuing through today.  As a former student and current parent, I believe that Annunciation provides a solid academic education while also providing the necessary tools for the development of the whole person.  I look forward to maintaining this fine tradition that our family has been very fortunate to experience.”

Parents of Graduates:

“Fifteen years ago when we started looking for schools for our children, my husband and I began by interviewing principals and checking out “basic skills” test scores.  We wanted our children to succeed.  We were looking for a positive environment where our children could thrive socially.  What we found was a little jewel in South Minneapolis called Annunciation.

What began as 'school' for our first-born developed into a long love affair for our entire family.  Annunciation School educates the whole child. What I mean by this is very simple - at Annunciation every child is very special, and at some point every child shines. Confidence is the word. Our four children are very different from each other, but at Annunciation they all thrived. Today, two of our children are in fine colleges, and our two youngest are finishing up at Annunciation.  Children at Annunciation like themselves and look upon themselves as part of the solution. They are eager to do well; they are excited to take the next step. We feel lucky to have found such a wholesome, well-rounded school with the emphasis on education, as well as development of conscience.”

Non-Parish Members:

“Our decision to attend Annunciation School was based on many concerns and priorities, but three of the most important features were (and still are):

The K-8 grade setting allows our children to travel to and attend school together on the same schedule.  This may seem to be only an issue of convenience, but for us it goes beyond that.  It simplifies all our lives and provides opportunities that would not be available if the kids were in two or three different schools.

The academic and creative opportunities offered in a small, supportive environment.  With only two classes at each grade level, the children get to know and work with all the other kids their age and develop more confidence because of the “familiarity factor.”  This is not accomplished as easily in a larger school setting.

The atmosphere of respect throughout the school (by students, staff and administration), respect for self, for others, for property and for the world around us.  The students are taught (often by them modeling of the older students) to understand how their behavior affects others and are held accountable for their actions.”

Transfer from Public Education:

“Annunciation was a clear choice for our family when we decided to leave the public schools. We just weren’t satisfied with the public middle school options and felt that we would move the children while they were young so that they could develop their friendships early. When we committed to transferring, the Annunciation community welcomed us immediately and wholeheartedly.

Within the first few months of transferring, we became increasingly confident that the decision we made was a great one. We have been very impressed with the dedication of the entire community being focused on the children: teachers, staff, administration and other parents.

Some favorite things so far include outstanding teacher-parent communication, administration checking in on our family to ensure all was going well, families proactively reaching out and welcoming our entire family into their lives, celebrating holidays at school and a touching spiritual enrichment that fosters confidence and love amongst the children."