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At Annunciation we take great pride in our students and we want our students to take great pride in being a part of the Annunciation School community. As a way to build and support that pride we continue to uphold a uniform policy. Wearing a standard uniform helps to create a neat and consistent appearance for students and reminds them that they are a part of and a reflection of the larger Annunciation community.

Annunciation partners with Educational Outfitters, 952-927-6778, and Donald’s, 651-776-2723, for our uniforms. Please purchase all uniform supplies at these vendors. Uniforms purchased through these stores are made with fair trade/labor practices and have been designed to hold up for heavy wash and wear. Note: Check description of each item to see if it is uniform compliant or designated as spirit wear.

Used uniforms are available through the Annunciation Parent Organization (APO). 

  Boys* Girls*
Shirts/Blouses Green and white polos w/ school logo. Shirts must be tucked in unless they are the no-tuck style. Any shirt worn under the uniform shirt must be solid white. Green and white polos w/ school logo. Long or short-sleeve white blouses may be worn under jumpers. Shirts and blouses must be tucked in unless they are the no- tuck style. Any shirt worn under the uniform shirt must be solid white.
Pants Navy blue twill pants worn at the waist (no denim, corduroy, or cargo pants).
Skorts   The hems of skorts must be no higher than two inches above the knee. Skorts must be worn at the waist, hems may not be rolled and the hem should be in good repair. 
Shorts Navy blue twill shorts are to be of modest and appropriate length, worn at the waist. No cargo or athletic shorts.
Jumpers   Plaid jumper. Bike shorts, leggings or tights to be worn under jumper. Socks must be worn with bike shorts and leggings. Hem of jumper must be no more than two inches above the knee and in good repair. 
Sweaters, Sweatshirts & Jackets Must have school logo. Uniform shirts must be worn under Annunciation sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets.
Socks White, navy blue or black quarter, crew, or ankle length. No ’no-show’ socks. Socks must be worn at all times. White, navy blue or black quarter, crew, ankle, or knee-high length. No ‘no-show’ socks. Anklets are acceptable for girls in K-5. Socks must be worn at all times.
Leggings/Tights   White, navy or black.
Shoes Tennis, Velcro, buckle, slip-on, or tie shoes.  
Accessories Simple (unadorned) blue, black or brown belts. Simple jewelry. Face jewelry is not allowed.
Hair Hair must be clean and neat. Exaggerated hair styles or colors not allowed.

*All items must fit appropriately (not oversized, undersized or tight to the skin).

Dress Code for Non-Uniform Days/Functions

Dress-Up Day

Please wear clothing appropriate for attendance at Sunday Mass.

Non-Uniform Day

Clothing must be appropriate for the weather and activity of the day. Skinny jeans, leggings or jeggings are acceptable if a shirt or sweater is worn that comes down below the buttocks. Halter, midriff, tight, tank or low-cut tops are not acceptable.

Spirit Wear

Items that can be worn on Spirit Days include t-shirts received as a part of kindergarten round-up, Annunciation sports jerseys/t-shirts for baseball/softball, volleyball, soccer, cross country and basketball.  To order Spirit Wear items, go to:  

  1. Identity Stores
  2. Educational Outfitters
  3. Donald’s

What is Not Acceptable for Both Girls and Boys

Clothing which is in disrepair (ripped/torn, cut off, frayed, fringed, patched, or faded).
Advertising or logos or any inappropriate slogans, words, graphics, or decorations (small logos on socks are permissible but discouraged).
Open toe or open-back shoes, flip-flops, croc-like sandals, clogs, slippers, or boots (including fashion boots).
Long-sleeve shirts may not be worn under short-sleeve polo shirts.
Hats (except on designated spirit wear days).