WordMasters Challenge 2016

May 27th, 2016

Annunciation is proud to offer a variety of academic opportunities for our students. One opportunity is the WordMasters Challenge. Over the course of the past school year, on three separate occasions, students in grades 3-8 were given 25 vocabulary words to learn and explore. Students were encouraged to learn word meanings, find synonyms and antonyms, and use the words in context. 

During the Challenge, students completed 20 analogies based on relationships among the words they learned. 

The WordMasters Challenge develops verbal reasoning abilities, addresses higher-order thinking skills and emphasizes logic and reasoning. 

We are proud to announce our 2015-2016 champions. These honors are based on cumulative results from this year’s three competitions.

Congratulations to our Annunciation 2015-2016 WordMasters Champions! 

3rd Grade 

1st place - Landon V
2nd place - Kate L
3rd place - Eli S 

4th Grade 

1st place -Johnny K
2nd place - Fletcher G
3rd place - Lia D 

5th Grade 

1st place - Mimi K-M
2nd place - Calla M
3rd – place - Ben E 

6th Grade 

1st place - Ava K-M
2nd place -Maggie W
3rd - Grace Ri 

7th Grade 

1st place (tie) Ruth A and Eli W
2nd place - Lizzie N 

8th Grade 

1st place - Rosa G
2nd place - Charlie E
3rd place - Nathan K 

Annunciation High Score Total 

Ava K-M 

2nd place(tie): Ruth, Eli W and Johnny K 

Grade (Team) 

1st place - 4th Grade
2nd place - 3rd Grade
3rd place - 7th Grade