WordMasters 2015-16 National Honors

Jun 9th, 2016

Whew! Annunciation’s 6th annual WordMasters Challenge™ has come to a close for the year. We hope our students have enjoyed another season of mental challenges and can confidently proclaim they "own" an additional 75 words in their vocabulary! 

At the conclusion of each year’s Challenge, the WordMasters Challenge Organization offers three categories of individual recognition. “Highest Honors” are reserved for those students who have finished among the top 10-15 students in the country at their grade level. “High Honors” are for those students who have finished among the top 2% of all competitors at their grade levels, and “Honorable Mention” is for those who have finished in the top 10% in the country at their grade level. 

Congratulations to these Annunciation Students who have earned national recognition in the WordMasters Challenge.

High Honors 

Johnny K – 4th grade 

Ava K-M – 6th grade 

3rd Grade – Honorable Mention 

Rowen A 

Noah C 

William D 

Isabella G 

Francis K 

Joey K 

Kate L 

Magnolia M 

Nathaniel M 

Vincent O 

Jack P 

Katherine R 

Eli S 

Landon V 

Marina V 

Marek W 

4th Grade – Honorable Mention 

Nicholas B 

Charlie B 

Julia C 

Lilian C 

Lia D 

Julia D 

Cole F 

Maeve F 

Fletcher G 

Ingrid K 

Maura M 

C.C. P 

William R 

Oscar S 

Frances S 

Felix S 

Charlie S 

Brooke W 

5th Grade – Honorable Mention 

Owen A 

Hannah C 

Ben E 

Madie H 

Mimi K-M 

Michael L 

Calla M 

Griffin M 

Mallory O 

Josephine R 

6th Grade – Honorable Mention 

Grace Ri 

Maggie W 

7th Grade – Honorable Mention 

Ruth A 

Lizzie N 

Eli W