After School Enrichment (YEL) Schedule (Spring)

Mar 15th, 2017

Youth Enrichment League is offering after school classes this spring. All registration is online at


Grades K-3
NEVER BEFORE SEEN PROJECTS! Build a helicopter, egg beater, paddle boat and SPY PLANE. Use your projects to investigate basic engineering concepts includeing: gearing up, gearing down, gear ratio and more. Get in gear, sign up today!

Thursdays, 2:50 PM-3:50 PM -- 4/6/2017 to 4/27/2017 -- 4 Classes -- Fee: $44 -- Rm: Red Art Room -- Min/Max: 6/16 


Grades K-5
New and returning students invited. Youth Enrichment League (YEL) chess continues to evolve. We have new worksheets and new lessons crafted by Women’s International Master and former Russian Chess Champion Sima Sokolovskaya. YEL chess lessons are designed to engage beginners through advanced students. Our winter session focus is on continuing chess concepts (Pins, Forks, Openings, KR vs R, etc.) as well as preparation for Chess Tournament Season. YEL students often perform well at the highest levels in local and state tournaments. Join this “sport of the mind” and be part of your school’s chess club. 

Wednesdays, 2:50 PM-3:50 PM -- 4/12/2017 to 5/17/2017 -- 6 Classes -- Fee: $72 -- Rm: Red Art Room -- Min/Max: 6/20