What is a Refugee?

Feb 20th, 2016

Caring for God’s Creation & the Poor

“Grounded by our belief in Jesus Christ and Catholic teaching, Migration and Refugee Services (MRS) fulfills the commitment of the U.S. Catholic bishops to protect the life and dignity of the human person. We serve and advocate for refugees, asylees, migrants, unaccompanied children, and victims of human trafficking. 

~Approved by the USCCB Committee on Migration 

What is a Refugee?

“Refugees are individuals who have fled their countries of origin and who meet the United Nations' criteria of having a "well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. 

Before admission to the US, each refugee undergoes an extensive interviewing, screening and security clearance process. 

Refugees, having suffered great loss, including loss of their homes, livelihoods, possessions and oftentimes families, need assistance starting over in a new country. 

Their initial needs are many: food, clothing, shelter, employment, English language training, and orientation to a new community and culture. In partnership with its affiliates, the United States Catholic Bishops' Migration and Refugee Services department resettles approximately 30% of the refugees that arrive in the US each year. The Catholic refugee resettlement network includes over 100 diocesan offices across the country and in Guam and Puerto Rico. Resettling refugees provides an extraordinary opportunity for countless Americans to take an active part in offering a caring and supportive environment for refugees as they begin new lives.” 

Donations accepted at the National Catholic Fund for Migration and Refugee Services.


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