What Does the Data Tell Us?

Nov 11th, 2016

This week, during our early dismissal working session, our teachers and staff participated in an “inquiry lesson”. As group, we wanted to know – “what does our testing data tell us?”

To begin understanding the results, we spent time reviewing, discussing, and sharing the data from our NWEA MAP tests. This is the one standardized test we use for all students each year, and we have a few years of data to review, so we wanted to take time to see what the information tells us and how we can use the findings to improve student achievement.

Staff met in working groups with a mix of grade levels and staff positions to look at our school data and identify trends or patterns. After the working sessions, we shared our findings and wonderings. From these sessions, we listed areas for further study, questions that we want to address, and discussed ways we can support the teaching and learning to improve student success.  As inquirers, we learned a lot!

The fall scores will be used to help set goals – both for classes and individuals – as we progress through the year. We will have a mid-year check to see how we are progressing towards spring. We continue to look at our educational journey for students from K-8 so by the time they graduate, they are well prepared for high school and beyond. We are very proud of our students as they grow throughout the program. We will continue to share data and results throughout the year.


Jennifer Cassidy
Annunciation Principal