Welcome Pope Francis to the U.S.

Aug 22nd, 2015

What excitement is developing around Pope Francis’ US visit coming up soon!

In addition to following the coverage that will be given by our various media outlets, we recommend that you visit the USCCB/United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website for complete information and viewing coverage of the events of the Papal visit. In particular you will find the schedule of the many and varied events of the Pope’s visit, plus live streaming and on demand coverage.

We want to do something special to mark the culmination of Pope Francis’ US visit. Come join us on either Sunday morning, September 27th, immediately following the 10:30 Mass, or Monday evening, September 28th, beginning at 7:00 PM for a viewing of a documentary produced by Salt And Light Catholic Media Foundation entitled The Francis Effect.

This DVD runs 75 minutes and explores the profound impact Pope Francis is having on both Church and world. Please join us for an experience of the refreshing joy that is the Spirit’s gift through our Pope and share with all of us those things from the Pope’s visit that have inspired you and touch your heart!