Weekly Collaboration & Reflection

Feb 23rd, 2018

Strategic Plan Goal:  Maximize student learning through continuous implementation of innovative and evolving curriculum, instruction, assessment and grading.

You may have noticed that our teachers have been actively realigning Annunciation's curriculum and instruction.  What you may not have noticed is our process for making this happen. Every Wednesday, I have the honor of collaborating with different teams of grade-level and single-subject teachers.  We use this time to create, plan, and reflect on teaching and learning at Annunciation. The process includes identifying and prioritizing the skills, understandings, and knowledge we believe students need to know (using the MN State Standards and IB themes) and creating engagements and opportunities for learning these things.  After each unit of inquiry (every 6 weeks), we reflect on student growth and learning.  In addition, we share evidence of action and inquiry that happened as a result of our learning. 

Here is what our teachers are saying about this process:

"The collaboration process has completely changed the way I teach. It’s no longer just my grade level partner and I planning. It’s now so much bigger allowing true transdisciplinary learning to take place. Our classroom learning now carries into creative arts, Spanish, media, library, and Phy ed. Almost every specialist begins their class with this sentence, “I know in class you are learning about...so today we are going to continue that in here by...”. The reflection process allows us to evolve and make changes necessary while it’s fresh in our minds. Previously, I may have waited to make said changes the following year (forgetting everything I wanted to change). Becoming an IB school has changed my teaching for the better. It’s the way all kids, including my own, want to learn." 

"Having regularly scheduled time to reflect with my partner has been a huge benefit. Having the opportunity to look back and discuss what went well and what we'd change in the future is a practice I'm so happy to have adopted. Collaboration and reflection have benefitted both me and my students." 

Anne LaLonde Laux
International Baccalaureate (IB) Coordinator
Math and Literacy Enrichment Teacher & Coordinator