We Are Called to Action

Feb 9th, 2018

As I reflect over the last month of school, I am struck by the many ways that people have put their faith into action. We have parents, students, and staff who came together to prepare and celebrate the great gift of Catholic education during Catholic Schools Week. The Annunciation community stepped up in a special way to pray and support the Nixon family and mourn the sudden loss of Mrs. Nixon. Others in the community, including staff, traveled to Haiti as part of the mission of Annunciation.

In addition to these larger community actions, many students have been coming forward to share ideas and ways to make Annunciation a stronger and more vibrant place to learn and grow. I love it when students have ideas and meet with me to share their thoughts and dreams for our school. Many come with letters, proposals, plans or just an excited thought to share.

The Catholic faith calls us to take action and make a difference in the world, close or far away. As an IB candidate school, we are called to action as part of the inquiry process – "now that we know this, what can we do about it?"

Students are responding and developing the call to serve and act. One example is from 4th grade. The 4th grade unit of inquiry this fall was focused on government. They learned about rules and law, who makes them, how they work and more. Students then reached out to leaders across the country to share their thought and ideas about rules and laws. Some wrote letters to the President, and others wrote to me. Several 4th graders set up an appointment to talk to me about their ideas for lunch and recess for their grades. After hearing their proposal and working with staff, we were able to make changes to their lunch/recess times based on their suggestions. 

Students continue to take action and bring ideas to me. Several students wrote a wonderful letter about the impact of quiet prayer time in the chapel. They proposed having an option to pray during recess time. This past week, we took the first step to providing quiet prayer for these students.

It has been exciting to see the impact our Annunciation Catholic education is having on our young people. They are not only hearing the call to make change, but they are learning the skills and gaining the tools to lead this change. I am proud of all they are learning and doing every day.

As we prepare for our IB authorization visit this spring, it is wonderful to see the fruits of the efforts by so many to help create a learning community that develops knowledge and skill in our children. They have so much to give our world – it is our duty to help them become all they can be. I look forward to continuing our journey together – we are blessed!


Speaking of action, please join us for Carnaval next Tuesday. We are excited to become a festival of countries! If you are able, sign up to help work a food booth or craft activity, or even clean up. All help is needed and welcome – hope to see you Tuesday!