Vision & Hearing Screenings

Dec 20th, 2018

A note from Beatrice Benda, Annunciation’s public health nurse:

It is soon time for the MN Department of Health's Vision and Hearing screenings.  Students in grades K, 1,3,5,7 (and new enrollees in 2,4,6,8) will have school-based vision screening on January 17th and 23rd, 2019.  Hearing will also be checked on January 17th and 23rd, 2019, for grades K, 1, 3 (and new enrollees) without a 'pass' on file.

If you want to opt out the Health Department screening, please send notice to the Main Office BEFORE January 16th, 2019.  A vision screen done elsewhere can be entered into your student’s health file and be counted as 'on time.’  If your child already wears glasses and you want to opt out of the screening, just say they went to the clinic within the last year and that you will continue with the means (insurance etc) to replace eyewear as needed.  

If responses are not received in the Main Office by January 16, 2019, your student will be screened.  Results will be sent home via the classroom teacher within a day or two of the screening. MPS Health Services works with Sharing and Caring, a charitable group locally to provide exam and eye glasses for families that are financially pressed and have no insurance coverage for the eyeglasses (contact services not available through this program).