Virtus; The Enhanced Essential 3

Sep 23rd, 2016

We believe that our responsibility to create and maintain safe environment is not a one-time obligation; it is an ongoing commitment that must evolve to meet national best practices for ensuring the safety of children, youth and vulnerable adults. To that end, beginning in 2016-2017 school year, these Essential 3 requirements must be renewed every three years by all clergy, chancery staff, parish and Catholic school employees, and volunteers who have either regular or unsupervised interaction with minors or vulnerable adults.

The Enhanced Essential 3

Re-credentialing process consists of signing a revised Code of Conduct, safe environment retraining “Keeping the Promise Alive”, and satisfying a background recheck.

If your Criminal Background check and Virtus training was processed more than three years ago  here is the step by step instruction to be rechecked and compliant.

  1. Confirm your username and password for the Virtus website. If you do not remember please call 1-888-847-8870 to retrieve it.
  2. In the left column click ‘Update My Account’. (Please update your personal information.)
  3. Also in the left column, click on ‘Code of Conduct’. Please read the statement and then complete the electronic signature.
  4. Now look for ‘Background Check’ from the left column. Please fill out the Background Check request.
  5. Finally, click on ‘Keeping the Promise Alive’ from the left column. Please watch the video and then answer the questions at the end. The is a Virtus refresher course.

Once steps 1-5 are completed, you are now compliant and can volunteer at Annunciation School and Church.