U.S. Bishops Urge Action on Carbon Pollution to Stem Climate Change (PT 2)

Aug 1st, 2014

Caring for God’s Creation & the Poor

“Consider effects of pollution on poor, vulnerable people nationally, globally.” U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) 5/29/2014

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U.S. Bishops Urge Action on Carbon Pollution to Stem Climate Change.

(Part 2 of 3)  Archbishop Wenski said in a letter to the EPA that “the best evidence indicates that power plants are the largest stationary source of carbon emissions in the United States, and a major contributor to climate change. Power plants have often been located near low-income neighborhoods and communities of color. Air pollution from these plants contributes to respiratory problems, especially in the young and the elderly.”  He added that there are “damaging impacts from climate-related events in the United States and across the globe, particularly on poor and vulnerable communities. Beyond the regulations, the United States should exercise leadership for a globally negotiated climate change agreement.”  

“The communities served by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) are already experiencing the tragic consequences of climate change,” Archbishop Wenski said. “Increasingly limited access to water, reduced crop yields, more widespread disease, increased frequency and intensity of droughts and storms, as well as conflict over declining resources – all these are making the lives of the world’s poorest people even more precarious,” he said.  


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