Unity Day:  Creating a Safe, Positive Community for All!

Oct 25th, 2018

Wednesday, October 24 was Unity Day. As a school, we started the week with a Unity buddy activity. Students made paper chains, posters, and more to promote kindness and unity. On Wednesday, we wore orange as a symbol of our unity.  This week, we highlighted many of the things we work on throughout the year.

As a school of faith, we begin each day with our gospel readings. Jesus often challenges us on our actions. He invites us to treat each other with kindness, as we wish to be treated. We believe each of us is made in the image and likeness of God, we deserve to be treated with dignity. Yet, we know we are also human. We can make mistakes. So we work hard to instill the values to remind us of our goals. Our essential agreements are good reminders. Our hallways have signs and symbols to call us to action. Our Responsive Classroom framework is built on creating a positive climate and culture. But when negative actions take place, we act on those as well. 

To help us continue to build a safe and loving place for all, we are providing another resource. On the parent page of our website, you will be a form for parents, students or staff to report bullying activity. The report provides a definition of bullying and space to share more details. The report will be received by a staff member who will bring this forward for review and action as needed. We hope that most students, staff and parents feel comfortable approaching anyone on campus to share concerns. But should someone wish to use this format, we wanted to provide another way for information to be shared to ensure a safe, loving and positive place for all.