Units of Inquiry – January / February 2018

Feb 2nd, 2018

As we swing into the second half of the school year, our elementary classes are entering their fourth units of inquiry. 

As with all units, we invite parents or community members with a passion or expertise in any of these areas to share their knowledge and/or experience with our students.   We are always on the look-out for hands-on experiences, field trips or guest speakers that are connected to our inquiries.  Please let us know if you have any ideas or if you, or someone you know, might be willing to help us grow as learners and inquirers.

Units of Inquiry – January / February 2018

Kindergarten:  How We Express Ourselves
Traditions and celebrations are ways people can express their culture and values.
An inquiry into cultural celebrations, art and music.

1st Grade: How We Express Ourselves
People use the arts to connect to the world around them.
An inquiry into art forms, how art connects us, cartography.

2nd Grade – How We Express Ourselves
There are many ways to express ideas, perspectives, and feelings.
An inquiry into creative expression reflects culture and perspective, creating and sharing stories, different ways of expressing ideas and feelings.

3rd Grade:  Where We are in Place and Time
Contributions from ancient civilizations have impacted current civilization.
An inquiry into the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt.

4th Grade:  How We Organize Ourselves
People organize themselves based on geographic, economic and human conditions. An inquiry into creating and understanding maps, themes of geography, and the relationship between geography and economics.

5th Grade: How We Organize Ourselves
Change impacts how we organize ourselves
An inquiry into causes and events of the American Revolution, early government and early governing documents.