Trimester 1 Finals

Nov 12th, 2014

Middle School Finals will be at the end of Trimester I on November 19th-21st.

The students will have a 30 minute study session before their final in which the students will be able to ask the teacher questions about the final. 6th grade will be taking a final test in social studies, math, science, and Spanish.

NOTE- Finals will be taken as a section except math which is split into 3 sections. We want our math teachers to specifically give their final, so we had to modify so Mrs. Steege and Mrs. Makowski could test their sections. Due to this, we also will be testing Math 6Y on Tuesday with Mrs. Steege.

Study guides will be available to the students by Friday 11/14 and online for you to have at home.

On Friday after lunch, Middle School will have an End of Trimester Celebration Dance.

1st period (8:15-8:45) Study roomsStudy HallStudy HallStudy Hall
2nd period (8:50-10:20) Final ILanguage ArtsMath - 6&7P Math - 6&8HScience
3rd period (10:25-10:55) Study roomsStudy HallStudy HallStudy Hall
4th period (11:00-12:30) Final IISocial StudiesReligionSpanish
5th period (1:00-2:15)Math- 8P Math- 7YMath- 8S Math-7HDANCE