There Is a Time for Everything

Mar 9th, 2017

Dear Annunciation Parents,

When I was hired at Annunciation school 45 years ago, I was armed with the belief that if you develop a program for children that nurtures and encourages creativity through improvisation, movement, music and art, it would strengthen them in all aspects of their lives. It would open up their potential and their possibilities, giving them confidence and courage to succeed. I was met with some misgivings, but more than enough support to get things started. And so began the Creative Arts Program. I will always be grateful to Sister Monique and Monsignor Colbert, who took a chance on me then, and to all the principals and pastors who have supported me since.

It is with this gratitude in mind, that I announce my retirement from Annunciation School at the end of this school year. There is a time for everything. The last 45 years have been the time for me to be with my family at school, and now is the time for me to be with my family at home. I look forward to being part of the interview committee that will bring a new face to the Creative Arts Program. It is an exciting time for all of us.

Having the opportunity to encourage and create with the students over these past several years, has brought great joy to my life. Working with so many dedicated and talented faculty and staff has been a great privilege.

I thank the community of families that have trusted me with their most creative gift - their children, and for making me feel part of this large extended family.


Mary Strickland
Creative Arts Teacher