The School was Alive with Music

Mar 29th, 2018

Music in Our Schools Month

The month of March has been filled with music performances, listening to and describing different genres of music, and presentations from guest in our Annunciation Community! It has been a wonderful way to showcase talents throughout our school and bring awareness to music and the opportunities it can provide.

The students in second grade finished their orchestra unit with a special guest. Maren Hoffer, a parent at Annunciation, brought in her violin and viola. Maren explained the difference in size and sound of the two instruments, played a couple pieces of music, and demonstrated ways to play each instrument. The students learned terms such as largo, presto, piano, and forte. Each of these words is Italian and describes how fast, slow, loud, or soft you can play the instrument.

In third grade students had a special guest who taught us about the pipe organ. Mark Ertl, a parent of Annunciation, spent an afternoon with us playing and presenting on the pipe organ. The pipe organ is located in Annunciation Catholic Church behind the tall screen at the altar. Behind the screen you will find the organ, pews where the choir used to sing at mass, and all the pipes. The students were able to see the pipes and learn about how the sound is generated. A larger pipe makes the note sound lower and a smaller pipe makes the note sound higher. Students also learned that compared to the piano which has 88 keys, the organ has 61 keys and 32 pedals. The students also watched as Mark played on the three keyboards and used his feet to play the pedals. Organs can have up to seven keyboards. The organ at Annunciation at three keyboards which include the great organ, the swell organ, and the choir organ. Panels can be opened or shut to produce a louder or quieter sound for each organ. Ben Ertl was also a special guest and narrated a song that taught the students about the organ through a story and sounds from the organ. It was so cool!

The fifth grade also performed their version of Enter Sandman by Metallica. The fifth grade has been learning how to play pitched and unpitched percussion and brought their skills to a Monday morning meeting. Pitched percussion instruments included the xylophones, metallophones, guitar, and electric keyboard. Unpitched percussion instruments included drums, claves, maracas, cabassa, and tambourines. The students worked together as a music ensemble to create multiple layers of sound throughout their performance. They rocked the house!

Thank you to all our  guests, performers, students, and staff for being open-minded and risk takers throughout our Music In Our School’s Month celebration!

Lorissa Letwin
Creative Arts Teacher