Thank You for Your Support for the “Let God Set Free” Retreat!

Jun 23rd, 2018

Clearly God’s healing love was at work during the “Let God Set Free” Retreat that took place June 8th and 9th at the Carondelet Center in St. Paul.

Our participants were very moved by all the signs of support they received during the Friday evening prayer. Each participant received between 30 and 40 letters of prayer and support, and many of these letters came from you, our Annunciation parishioners. While they were engaged in prayer, there was a simultaneous prayer of the Rosary that was taking place here at Annunciation for the graces of their retreat. Those gathered in prayer sent to us on the retreat a picture of themselves that we were able to show and explain to our retreatants.

Thanks to you and to many others who contributed their prayer support in various forms, they were wonderfully overwhelmed with the support they received from so many people; people who don’t even know them but, nevertheless, who really care. Thank you!