Thank You, Fall Sports Coaches!

Sep 28th, 2017

We would like to thank the coaches for all of the work they have put in this fall.  The students have had a lot of fun playing this year and we could not do this without their continued support and dedication!  We would like to wish them the best of luck as we head into the final month of fall sports!


Matt Moosbrugger and Peg Tuttle - Cross Country

Dan Varley – Boys Cub Soccer

John Richardson – Girls Varsity Soccer

Bob Maisel – Boys Varsity Soccer (Gold)

David Novak –Boys Varsity Soccer (Silver)

Allison O’Brien and Danielle Crowley – Girls Cub Bronze Volleyball

Uli Loichle and Charlene Rutt – Girls Cub Silver Volleyball

Alison Golla and Daniel Christensen – Girls Cub Silver Volleyball

Andy Onken and Jeff Wisdom – Girls Cub Gold Volleyball

Dan and JoAnn O’Rourke – Girls Cub Gold Volleyball

Tracy Moosbrugger and Danielle Crowley – Girls Varsity Bronze Volleyball

Uli Loichle and Wanda Hildebrandt – Girls Varsity Silver Volleyball

Tina Ham-Peterson and Sara Zimmerman – Girls Varsity Silver Volleyball

Dan and JoAnn O’Rourke – Girls Varsity Gold Volleyball