Teacher Training and Professional Development

Jan 20th, 2017

Teacher Training and Professional Development

We know that great schools have great teachers – and to be the best teacher, you also need to be the best learner. At Annunciation, we are taking this call to heart and learning right along with our students. For teachers, one of the greatest parts of working in education is that we never stop learning. There are so many formal and informal opportunities for us to grow as educators. Our students lead the charge in the classroom and also by adapting the new IB principles to the learning process. We are part of a big learning community and join our students in a quest to be “Life-long learners.”

Teachers and staff at Annunciation continue to seek out new teaching techniques and strategies. Here is just a sampling of some professional development opportunities Annunciation teachers and staff have recently taken:

  • TIES conference – Jennifer Cassidy, Julie Loney, Rachel Wiehoff, and Jeremie Nichols attended this state-wide conference. The TIES conference provided an opportunity to learn new ways to bring technology into the classroom.
  • Kathy Paul, Margaret Warnemunde, Anne Clubb, Julie Loney, Anne LaLonde Laux and Jennifer Cassidy attended the first session of IB Exhibition training. This two-day workshop will help us prepare for IB Exhibition in 5th grade. Exhibition provides an opportunity for our students to show all they have learned through their elementary years, highlighting the essential elements of the IB. The first day was inspiriting – we look forward to the next workshop day!
  • Anne Marie Urick, Danielle Crowley, and Beth Sable will be attending a two-day workshop in February on the theories of ‘Growth Mindset’. As a staff, we read the book “Mindset” to start our year. The workshop will help us expand on the book study. This professional development course teaches educators the foundation of a growth mindset and empowers them with the tools and resources to cultivate a growth mindset culture in their classrooms and school. 
  • Jeremie Nichols attended the National Science Teachers Association conference in Minneapolis from October 27-29. The NSTA conference focused on different approaches to teaching Science and provided opportunities to talk to teachers and product developers.
  • Darcie Mullinax is participating in the Catholic Schools Center for Excellence tech integration mentors program. It provides opportunities for teachers in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis to connect, interact, and share great ideas on technology in the classroom.

On February 8, on the early release day, PACER will be leading a workshop for staff on Diverse Learning Needs – how to help meet the needs of all our diverse learners, including students with learning disabilities or social/emotional needs. To provide the best learning environments, we need to know more about our students and how to help all students be successful in our classrooms.

After each workshop and learning experience, we ask teachers to share with other staff and help us incorporate the learning into our school. Together, we make our school a strong place to learn and grow – for all of us!


Jennifer M. Cassidy

Annunciation Principal