Sweatshirt Order Form 2013-14

May 21st, 2014

Sweatshirt Order Form 2013-2014

All items on this form are available only through school or the online events and are part of the uniform.

Sweatshirts may shrink 1/2 to full size with washing; it’s recommended to wash garment inside-out. Return order form to the office with payment. Items may take up to two weeks for delivery. Make checks payable to Annunciation. Please contact parent volunteer Jennifer with any questions about your order 612-861-7537 or jverbrugge@gmail.com.

Please help uphold the uniformity, tradition and pride in the Catholic School Uniform. All other uniform garments are available through Educational Outfitters 952-927-6778 or Donald’s 651-776-2723.

Uniforms purchased through these stores are made with fair trade/labor practices and have been designed to hold up for heavy wash and wear.

ALL Green shirts must be purchased and embroidered through Educational Outfitters or Donald's. Middle School Student’s white shirts must have the school logo. School logo is property of the school and may not be replicated or applied by non-approved vendors.

Educational Outfitters is now carrying a variety of spirit wear and outerwear items.