Summer Math in Khan Academy

Jun 23rd, 2016

June 10, 2016

Welcome to summer vacation! We hope this finds you and your student relaxed and rested as you transition into summer mode.

In order for our students to return to middle school feeling confident in math, we want them to practice math over the summer, to reduce what some in education call “summer learning loss.” It is neither our intent to overwhelm students nor to cause undue stress, but rather to offer an opportunity for students to review and reinforce concepts learned during the school year. 

We expect all middle school students to go onto Khan Academy during the summer; however this is not a requirement. Ideally, students should spend approximately 30 minutes twice a week doing online practice problems and watching videos. Please have them log into Khan Academy using their Annunciation google account information each time they go on so we are able to track their progress throughout the summer; we will monitor each student’s progress.  

When we mentioned this to students in class, a few questions surfaced (along with a collective groan!) 

  1. What if we are on a family vacation? Do I still need to go on? If you are on a family vacation, we do NOT expect you to go onto Khan Academy during that time.
  2. Can I go on for one hour one day a week instead? Yes, you can, although we recommend spreading it out to two (or more) days each week. We are looking for a minimum of an hour total each week.
  3. What if I can’t log on? Contact Ms. Steege if you are having problems. You might want to try logging into your google account FIRST and then going to; that has worked sometimes when students are having difficulty.

We want students to practice and reinforce skills they have learned this past year. In Khan, students can select a math mission based on their grade. Students should choose the grade they just completed and work on those skills. For those of who desire more, we are also attaching a document that allows you and your student to customize their learning based on their NWEA – MAP testing RIT scores; you will be receiving these reports sometime next week. This document has live links that will take your student to specific skills practice based on their MAP scores for each area.  

As part of our relationship to help your child grow, we want you to be able to see what your child is doing as well. Have you child sign in. Under their PROFILE tab, have them click on coaches. There is a place to add in your email address. Additionally, anything you can do to “incentivize” your student to build Khan into their summer routine would be great. Thanks for your support at home and helping us help your student. We look forward to the year ahead. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Julie Steege,