Summer 2016 School News Update

Aug 3rd, 2016

Dear Annunciation School Families,

We hope you are having a wonderful summer. Our summer has been busy as we prepare for the new school year ahead.  Though we still have a few weeks of summer before us, we know the first day of school will be here before we know it!

In this letter, we have several updates to share and also some information regarding our Back to School Night (paperwork day):

Scripture Theme for 2016-17 – Each year, we have a scripture theme for our school. The theme for next year is: “He will show you which path to take.“  Proverbs 3:6

Welcome new staff - We want to welcome our new teachers to the Annunciation School community:

  • Rachel Wiehoff - middle school math teacher
  • Beth Caldwell – middle school religion teacher
  • Alexandra Franco – Spanish teacher grades 3-8
  • John Pupkes – middle school social studies teacher

Campus projects – In addition to summer cleaning and shining up, we had a few other projects going on, thanks to the incredible generosity of our community:

Playground – This year’s fund-a-need was for Help-a-Student and playground upgrades. The new playground equipment community build was set for July 23.  We look forward to having this upgrades space for our students to enjoy!

Gym – the final piece of the gym project was refinishing the gym floor. The floor was sanded, re-striped and coated this summer. A bright and shiny floor, along with the new scoreboard, chairs, logo and signage, makes the gym a welcoming place for our students, teams, families and visitors.

Auditorium – The upgrades in the auditorium included new lighting and sound equipment, along with painting and new stage curtains. Dancing with the Annunciation Stars event was one of the sources of funding to help us upgrade this important space. Besides being home to our wonderful Creative Arts programs, this is our largest space for all school gatherings and other events, as well as our lunchroom. 

Thank you for your generous support! These upgrades keep our school looking great and all students, staff and families benefit from them!

Summer Reading and Math

Hopefully, most students have enjoyed the wonderful summer sun and had some relaxing days. At the same time, we encourage students to stay sharp and practice reading and math skills by reading books, doing math games and challenges. If you want to have your children keep sharp and practice reading and math skills, we have a few options:

Battle of the Books: we are proud to have well over 100 of our 3rd - 8th graders participating. If you are interested in participating, here is the link to the webpage with more details:  Visit for more: Annunciation's Battle of the Books Keep working hard! We can’t wait to see the progress this fall.

Reading and math: Parents can access websites for reading and math on our school website and click on parent toolkit. A variety of math and reading links are provided. Summer Math on Khan – for middle school students- we encourage all middle school students to spend time practicing math skills. You can visit our website under news and event for details on Battle of the Books or Summer Math on Kahn Academy.

Semesters for Next Year

The staff spent a lot of time last spring looking at key areas of our school. From the working sessions, several suggestions emerged to help improve our school experience. In addition to extending the school day to 2:45, we are moving from trimesters to semesters. Though there won’t be a big difference in the school calendar, semesters provide some benefits. The semester schedule will allow us to have the end of the first semester match up with Christmas break, a natural break in the calendar. Students will begin the new semester when they return from break. Semesters will also allow conferences to be scheduled at the mid-semester breaks in fall and winter to provide personal updates to each family.  For middle school, we know the importance of finals and helping students prepare for high school. The semester schedule allows students to take final exams, but two times per year instead of three. This also helps add instruction days that have been review days in the past. 

Back to School Night Update

To help streamline our paper work process and input the information in a timely manner, we are sending out some of the most important forms to you ahead of time. Included with this letter are required forms for the new school year. Please take time to fill them out and either mail them to school or drop them off at the office during the week of August 15th. The School Office will be open every day starting Monday, August 15th.  At Back to School Night we will hand out remaining important information, including the Calendar and Handbook and classroom assignments.              

There is much to be excited about as we look ahead at the coming school year – the second year of IB implementation, continued progress on our Strategic plan, multiple campus improvements, continued learning and growth by staff and teachers,  – all of this to help us engage students in their learning and create an exciting learning environment for all! As we begin this new school year, we look forward to building on our success and continuing our school improvement efforts to insure we are providing the very best Catholic education your children can receive.

We have been blessed for more than 90 years and ask for God’s blessings on the year ahead. We will see you at Back to School Night, August 24 and the first day of school, August 29. Enjoy the remaining summer days!


Jennifer M. Cassidy, Principal