Strong partnerships build a strong school

Nov 3rd, 2016

The past two days, we have had our parent-teacher conferences. We are truly blessed to have such committed and supportive parents who participate and join us over these two days. Conferences require time and effort from both the school and the family. But we believe that the time and effort is worth it!

Education today is multi-faceted – it is active, engaging, changing, individualized - and can be challenging! To ensure we help each child reach their potential and utilizing their unique gifts, it is vital that we have strong partnerships with our families. We know when parents and teachers, along with the whole school community, work in unison to offer support and a consistent message, children are most successful.

It was wonderful to see our parents and teachers connecting, feel the energy throughout the school, hear the laughter, see the smiles, and receive the great feedback from parents that their children are loving school and doing so well!

Thank you, parents, for choosing Annunciation as your partner - for your support and belief in our teachers and staff - for working with us to help each child soar! Annunciation is truly an amazing place.

IB Learner Profile Attributes:

As we continue our International Baccalaureate implementation, we are highlighting our Learner Profile attributes. These are the “character traits” we want to develop in our students. Starting Monday, we will be focusing on one attribute a week.  At our all school morning meeting, classes will be sharing what the attribute means and we will remind students each morning in our announcments. As a school, we will look for students who are living the attributes and acknowledge their accomplishments.

We encourge you to use these words at home as well. When you see your child being “caring”, or “principled”, or ‘openminded”, a “risk-taker” or other attributes, point that out and encourage them to keep it up!  Below are the IB attributes: