St. Vincent de Paul Clothing Drive

Dec 9th, 2017

St Vincent de Paul stores serve a valuable role in the community by providing affordable clothing. However, the quality and variety of clothing isn’t always a good match for St Vincent de Paul’s client base.

Anthony Palmer, an Annunciation alumni, is working on a project to change the donation experience by setting up sites in several local churches, including Annunciation. Instead of using repurposed trash cans for as collection bins, the use of laundry baskets, suitcases, and clothing racks with hangers adds to the dignity of the experience for donor and client alike. New and attractive signage also helps create a sense of empathy for the variety of people who use St Vincent de Paul.

The goal is an improved caliber and variety of donations. Results of this project will shape the future of the donation experience. 
To make this project a success, you are asked to drop off new or lightly worn clothing at the collection locations at Annunciation Church in both the narthex and the south foyer.
When you make your donation we also ask that you help the creators of this project assess its success by completing a survey form about your donating experience.


This clothing drive ends on Sunday, December 17th.