Sr. Sue Update

Jul 7th, 2015

How Grateful I am for your care and support!
Probably by now you heard about my bicycle accident on June 23rd that brought about a sudden change of my summer plans. I want to express to you my very deep appreciation for your visits, cards, calls, emails and your prayer. You may also be wondering how this accident happened as did I. I have no recall of the circumstances of the accident itself. By the 5th day following this event, it's cause dawned on me. Among the tasks in readying my bike for riding following car trunk transport, I needed to place the wheels in position and lock them in place. I took care of the front wheel just fine but looking back I realize that I forgot to return my attention to the back wheel to lock it after placement - a small oversight with big consequences by way of injuries sustained. The good news is that I should be able to make a complete recovery and do just fine; however, it will take some time to get there. As you may know from previous bulletin articles, I was planning to ride in the 2015 Habitat 500 Bike Ride and some of you had already chosen to offer monetary support to the cause of the Clarksdale MS Habitat for Humanity. Though I can't this summer's ride, I will be happy to honor your wishes regarding donations already made.
I'm expecting to continue to receive care at the Walker Methodist Transitional Care Center here in South Minneapolis through mid-July, followed by a stay with our Sisters in Woodbury for several weeks while continuing therapy. My heart is deeply touched and grateful for all your care, prayer and support.
Sr. Sue