Spelling Bee Champion 2015

Nov 12th, 2015

After 31 amazing rounds, 7th Grader, Lizzie N, clinched the Annunciation Spelling Bee.  4th Grader, William R, in his first appearance, was the runner-up. Lizzie earned the title of Spelling Bee Champion after correctly spelling her thirty-second word - immunity. 

Words correctly spelled in this year’s Bee include emergence, modular, hypnotic, migraine, pinnacle, latency, pathogen, iambic, mawkish, evanescent, shoji, cozen, inimical, soiree, turpitude, entirety, and tungsten. 

Congratulations to all of our 10 Annunciation Finalists!

8th Grade: Charlie E and Lucy S  

7th Grade:  Lizzie N and Eli W   

6th Grade: Grace R and Maggie W

5th Grade: Fritz P and Bergen R

4th Grade: Katie N and William R


A special thank you to our knowledgeable moderator – Mrs. Anne Rusert. 

Thank you also to the following:

Judges – Ms. Guilliatt, G, Ms. Paul and Ms. Russell

Guest Judge – Mr. Jimmy Dunn.  

Our 4th – 8th grade English-Language Arts Teachers

Custodians, Mr. Marple and Mr. Johnson