Spelling Bee 2014 Results Are In!

Nov 14th, 2014

The results are in for the 2014 Annunciation School Spelling Bee.  Our ten finalists from grades 4-8 displayed a stellar level of achievement.   The results:

1st place:  Sadie R. (8th Grade)
2nd place: Meryt W-W (8th Grade)
3rd place:  Lizzie N. (8th Grade)

After 2 hours and 10 minutes, (yes – you read that correctly), and 38 rounds of competition, Sadie R. took 1st place our Bee.  Our two 8th grade finalists, Sadie and Meryt, battled through 20 rounds before Sadie clinched the championship.  Sadie’s winning word– osculate (Definition: touch or press with the lips.)  

Mrs. Rusert skillfully read 132 different words.  She was often times called upon to provide the word in a sentence, the language of origin, any alternate pronunciations and the definition.  

Here is a sampling of words included in this year’s Bee:  Diabolical, paralytic, nebula, festinate, balderdash, haphazard, granulation, quellable, nativistic, grievance, imprudent, globular, hatchery, rapture, emporium, forecaster, ritziness, celestial and many, many, more.

Congratulations again to all of our finalists: Megan M, Mimi K-M, Grace R, Maggie W, Hannah B, Lizzie N, Lily S, Lucy S, Meryt and Sadie.

Interesting Tidbits about our 1, 2nd and 3rd place finishers:  This was Sadie’s third consecutive school championship title.  She placed 2nd in 4th grade and 3rd in 5th grade..  Lizzie Nelson has placed in the top three since her first year of eligibility in 4th grade.  This was Meryt’s third appearance as a finalist in the Bee.

Sadie now qualifies for the semifinals, which is a 50-item spelling and vocabulary test for the 2015 Minnesota Seven County Metro Area Regional Spelling Bee on March 21, 2015.