So What is Busted Halo?

Sep 10th, 2014

I first became familiar with Busted Halo – (developed by the Paulist Fathers) a couple of years ago when one of our 1st Communion parents emailed me the link to the YouTube Eucharist (How We Receive). I enjoyed the lighthearted humor used to show both the wrong way and the right way to go to Communion. Since then I’ve been hooked on this resource and have incorporated it into our Confirmation, Sacramental prep, and RCIA ministries. Though Busted Halo is designed for the young adult audience, really people of all ages can benefit from it in exploring the intersection of faith, culture, politics and life. Busted Halo contains many short podcasts that explain the Sacraments, Church teachings, seasons and feast days, etc. The last several weekly updates Busted Halo have carried titles such as: Robin Williams Made the Whole World Laugh (a pastoral reflection on suicide and clinical depression), Guardians of the Galaxy: the Misfit Heroes We Deserve, (movie review from the perspective of Faith) and How Do I Invite co-workers to Think About Everyday Social Justice Issues? In When the World Goes to Hell, Pope Francis Summons Heaven and Earth, we read how Pope Francis encourages us to pray for and do whatever is necessary for peace as we watch world tragedies such as the warfare in the Ukraine and the Holy Land and the children fleeing Central America. It’s easy to sign up on the Busted Halo website to receive a weekly email update.

Sr. Sue