Seeking STEM Materials

Feb 1st, 2018

Below is a list of household materials that we will be using to create our STEM projects. If you are willing to donate any of the items listed, you can send them to the classroom with your child at any time throughout the year. Thank you in advance for helping our classes collect these items for STEM projects:

  • cereal, shoe, and corrugated cardboard boxes (please break down first)
  • paper towel and wrapping paper tubes
  • balls (tennis, ping pong, racquet)
  • pvc piping sections and joints
  • duct, scotch, painters, and masking tape
  • clear plastic tubs and/or buckets
  • glue guns and glue gun sticks
  • batteries AA AAA
  • wooden clothespins
  • zip and/or twist ties
  • sandpaper
  • rubber bands
  • scrap pieces of cloth
  • shoe strings, any string
  • pipe cleaners
  • wooden skewers
  • paperclips
  • brads, fasteners
  • corks
  • insulation tubing
  • scissors
  • magnets
  • straws
  • bubble wrap
  • washers
  • dowels (wooden dowels 7” 5” 2” other sizes are acceptable too!)
  • gears
  • shims

Thank you!