School Updates

Mar 6th, 2015

School Updates

So much has been happening at Annunciation over the last couple of months. From Catholic Schools Week, Carnaval, and the Projects Fair, to Okee Dokee Brothers Concert, Book Fair, Open Houses, testing, service projects, and prayer – Lenten prayers, adoration, masses and more. During this time, students and teachers have been busy in classes continuing their teaching and learning as we head into the final trimester of the year.

While all these events and activities are focused on this school year, we have also been busy with our strategic planning, looking at our future as well. Here are a few of the things we are working on:

  • Strategic Plan
    After completing our MNSAA Accreditation process last year and receiving our accreditation renewal, the next step is implementing our strategic plan.  The first objective is “Position Annunciation School as a Catholic leader, recognized for educating the whole child”. The strategies begun to complete this objective were:
    • forming a “vision team” that discussed the key areas needed to meet our objective
    • Investigating innovative schools and researching educational models

A vision team was formed and met to identify two main areas – marketing/messaging and academic identity. Since then, members of the vision team along with staff and other members of Annunciation community have been busy working on creating a solid marketing/messaging plan and visiting schools that have innovative and successful academic models. We are wrapping up the school visits this week and will be meeting with the vision team again at the end of March.  

  • Schulze Family Foundation Grant
    This week we were able to announce the great news that the Schulze Family Foundation Grant was matched – 100%! We are so blessed to have such support for our school. It is also a great message to send to the foundation that Annunciation is a community that appreciates their generosity and supports this work for the school. Thank you! We have begun the work to carry out the plan submitted for the grant. The overall goal is to use the grant to expand the Dimensions (Enrichment) program for students and also begin to bring elements of school-wide enrichment into every middle school classroom. To date, we have been able to:
    • Add another section to the Dimensions program, having two classes for more students to participate
    • Expand experiences and resources for the Dimensions program
    • Begin the process of developing enrichment in the middle school classes through teacher training and development
  • Science program expansion
    With the generous resources of the Fund-a- Need, we were able to purchase new science lab tables for students, upgrade the interactive board technology, build new shelving to store science materials for K-8, and update the science classroom. As we began to research the materials to add, we realized it was important to review our curriculum and look at what we teach at each grade from K-8 so we are building on the standards, not with major overlaps or gaps in learning but a solid sequence that progresses through the grades, providing our students with a solid science foundation. We are meeting and mapping our curriculum before finalizing our resources to be sure we invest appropriately. We look forward to continuing this work to strengthen our science program for all students.

Each area above has provided us the opportunity to deepen our collaboration, enrich our understanding of the teaching we provide our students, and find ways to continue to grow and improve the education for students at Annunciation. The teachers and staff continue to be “learners” just like our students, finding ways to be even better educators for today. We are “being curious” and discovering best practices so we reach our goal to “Position Annunciation School as a Catholic leader, recognized for educating the whole child” – continuing the rich tradition of the last 90 years.

I will continue to update you on our progress and have more information at our next Principal Breakfast. Thanks for your prayer and support!!


Jennifer M. Cassidy, Principal
Annunciation School
612-823-4394 ext. 201