Say No to Fishsticks? 7 Meatless Meals for Lent

Mar 1st, 2015

Caring for God’s Creation & the Poor

“Lent is a fitting time for self-denial; we would do well to ask ourselves what we can give up in order to help and enrich others by our own poverty.” ~Pope Francis

Stewardship Tip

Say No to Fishsticks? 7 Meatless Meals for Lent

There are a lot of great reasons not to eat meat, whether you’re concerned about your health, environmental sustainability, global human rights or the commoditization and exploitation of living beings.  Maybe this Lent as a part of these 40 days of reflection, you could try to eat less meat or go completely meat-free.  Lent is a great time to try a vegan (no animal products) or vegetarian (no meat) meal while observing a Meatless Monday in addition to the traditional meatless Fridays of Lent. 

“These seven cholesterol- and cruelty-free meals are simple to prepare and delicious while they will contribute to a healthier, sustainable, more compassionate world.” 

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